Black vegans. Requested by anonymous. 

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Scrambled tofu (seasoned with salt and pepper, nutritional yeast, and cumin) with green and red bell pepper, red onion, tomato, and sliced avocado. Flax seed toast with Earth Balance, and a chopped golden delicious apple with cinnamon.

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Oh My Veggies writes:

If you want to enjoy a green smoothie as a snack, you’ll want to use this formula: Greens + Carbohydrate + Protein.

For a meal smoothie, the formula is: Greens + Healthy Fat + Carbohydrate + Protein.

Add optional superfoods to any type of smoothie for a nutritional boost. Here are some of my favorite ingredients:

  • Greens and Other Veggies – the king green kale, spinach, romaine, celery, swiss chard, mustard greens, dandelion greens, cucumber, wheatgrass, herbs such as mint, cilantro, parsley, and basil, etc.
  • Fruit – bananas, apples, green apples, pears, kiwi, pineapple, peaches, mango, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, papaya, lemons, limes, grapefruit, orange, blood orange, figs, dates, plums, acai, etc.
  • Proteins – plant-based protein powders (brown rice, pea, Sunwarrior, Vega, etc.), hemp seeds, chia seeds, nut butters, etc.
  • Healthy Fats – chia seeds, avocados, coconut oil, hemp seeds, nuts/seeds
  • Superfoods (Optional) – bee pollen, maca powder, lucuma, cocoa nibs, spirulina, chlorella, cinnamon, cayenne, young coconut meat, unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut water, avocado, chia seeds, hemp seeds, matcha tea powder, nut milks, sprouted buckwheat groats, raw gluten free oats, etc.

Green Smoothie Benefits + Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie recipe here.
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masbonitaquetu said: why can't it be "lets talk about how beautiful everyone is"??? Why is it just one skin tone? Everyone is beautiful no matter their complexion because social boundaries shouldn't separate how we think of ourselves. We're all human beings, lets all be beautiful together. Lets not leave of appreciation of some "races" as we try to appreciate the beauty of a certain section of people. (this is not hate please don't yell at me, just my opinion)


girl if u don’t get outta my inbox with this ‘we are the world! let’s all hold hands and pretend certain skin tones aren’t considered more desirable than others!’ NOW BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING










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Black people honestly have the most versatile hair known to man


we can straighten it. Puff it up. make it curly. wavy.

we can do anything.

So miss me with that “bad hair” bullshit.

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Anonymous said: Can you explain your opinion on hair dye making you unnatural?


Blah, okay.

So, there was this debate that was big within the natural hair community (I am not too sure how big of a deal it is now) But the issue was does hair dye of any sort (the kind with or without bleach) make you no longer natural. 

Some women felt like you weren’t natural because you hair isn’t a virgin anymore (it isn’t completely free of chemicals) whereas the other side felt like you were.

I personally feel like hair dye doesn’t change the fact that you’re still natural. If it damages your hair, it’s still natural but now you have chemical damage. If you’re dyeing your hair it’s to alter the color not the natural texture or pattern that your hair naturally forms. 

My basic definition of being a natural is not altering your hair’s natural pattern, texture etc…. I can dye my hair 15 different colors and it’ll still be the same curl pattern, my hair will still be the same texture. The color is just different. 

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The best person you can get to know at such a young age as 24 is yourself….

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Home Spa || At-Home Detox Body Wrap

Henry Happened writes:

The detoxifying body wrap is my ticket to destination relaxation. The reason why all those exclusive day spas charge hundreds of dollars for body wraps is that they’re incredibly relaxing and effective at overhauling the skin. Whenever I do this body wrap, I’m always a little stunned by how calm, yet energized I feel afterwards.

Papaya is packed with nutrients and enzymes that pump the skin with good stuff and exfoliate away the dead skin. Epsom salts, just like our grandmas said, relax the muscles and tease out the toxins. Rice bran cleanses, coconut oil nourishes and lavender is there to make sure you take your mind off the job!
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Teyonah Parris for Bright Ideas Magazine.


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